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Football Lockers

We’ve got high quality football lockers for your team whether you need wood, metal, or plastic lockers. We know you’ve got plenty to focus on; let us focus on the lockers so you can get back to the important things, like helping your team win.


See our video to the right for a better look at our football lockers for sale!

Football Lockers InfographicWhen you're an athlete, you need a football locker like the pros have. Somewhere to store jerseys, cleats, pads, and helmets so that they are all organized in one place. Whether it's little league, high school, college, indoor football and, of course, the pros themselves, lockers are a necessity. Treat your team like the pros and get them high quality lockers for football. We have a variety of styles with various options so that you have the best setup for your team's needs. For high school football teams and college football players, consider our Football Equipment Locker, these are made with footballers in mind with cleat racks, gear racks for padding, diamond plating, and a lockable footlocker, with more options available such as foam seat cushions, number plates, and ventilation systems.

If you're looking for something different, our stadium lockers are a great option to choose from as well. These are constructed of high quality 16-gauge steel, while also including a footlocker, shelf, security box, and adds a coat rod and hooks to hang uniforms and clothing on, perfect for football gear. The footlocker doubles a seat, so when you get these lockers you don't need to worry about having as many locker room benches. These also ship quick, shipping out to customers within 1 to 3 business days. You can't beat that!

For those looking for something without the extras, we've got just the thing for you as well. We have lockers with all kinds of variations on what's included so that you get what's best for your team without compromising on quality. So if you don't want a footlocker, or the lock box, you can choose exactly the configuration you need, in the color you want.

Don't forget about our ball storage lockers, ideal for schools and gymnasiums everywhere. The worst feeling is going to play some football and not knowing where any balls are! These not only store balls in the middle compartment, but other football equipment can be stored in the shelf up top, as well as the locking portion underneath the ball storage. Flags, whistles, water bottles, and more will fit easily and can be locked up for continued safe keeping.

You won't find any interceptions here, every one of our football lockers for sale is a touchdown.

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