What Are the Most Popular School Colors?

In the immortal words of the Beach Boys, “Be true to your school…” And nothing helps you show off your school spirit more than sporting your school colors. Having set colors builds morale and allows students to express school spirit. But what are the most popular school colors out there?

According to our research, most schools have at least two main colors. Primary colors are a big hit—blue, red and yellow—as well as green, orange and purple. These are often paired with a fairly neutral color (black, brown, gold, gray, silver, white) or each other (blue  and yellow, blue and orange, green and yellow, etc.).

Frank Church High School_LOCKERS_001

Gym lockers we provided for Frank Church High School in Boise, Idaho

No matter what your school colors are, we have the lockers to match. Our name isn’t  “SchoolLockers.com” for just any old reason–we know how important lockers are to a school setting. Not only do they allow students to safely stash their extra books, homework assignments and coat or jacket, they become a social spot for friends to gather. Whatever the size or type of school you need to order lockers for (high school, junior high, college, even elementary or preschool), our selection is varied enough that you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

We’ve done our research and keep the most popular school colors options in stock, ready to ship right away from one of our distribution centers across the United States.

most popular school colors

Our “Quick Ship” options include gray, red, black and beige lockers.

And if our “Quick Ship” options don’t quite meet your requirements, no worries—we can produce lockers in any color, design and size you need! (Just give us a little extra time to custom make them for you.) And here’s a little tip: you can even order two tone lockers from us (frames one color; doors another) to really show off your school pride. Other options include matching your combination locks with the color of your lockers or even having your school logo imprinted on them. Our custom options give you the ability to be as creative as you want in showing your school spirit! (Check out our blog post here to find out more about our customization options.)

most popular school colors

Our locker experts are ready to help you find the perfect lockers for your school, whatever colors you bleed. Feel free to contact us—we’re ready to answer any questions you might have and even have photos of previous installations we’ve completed and configuration ideas to fit any budget.

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