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Five Tier Coin Operated Lockers

  • Five Tier Coin Operated Lockers
  • Five Tier Coin Operated Lockers
  • Coin Operated Lock Mechanism
  • Color Options

Coin Operated Five Tier Lockers  12" or 15" wide x 18" or 24" deep x 12" or 14-2/5" high

SKU: CL-65-1
  • Made In Usa
  • Ships By Truck

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(1-wide) Available in four sizes and in 23 colors. Ship within 8 to 10 weeks assembled.

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You can add only four products to the comparison list.


Our Coin Operated Five Tier Lockers are a hassle-free, and reliable option. They provide a consistent flow of revenue to owners and are simple to use. Coin lockers not only produce revenue, they also add security, convenience and comfort to your clients' overall experience. Choose our coin operated lockers for any business or situation where you'd like to add convenience and security.

Key Features
  • Coin Lock Mechanism: Made from stainless steel and corrosion resistant components. Creates a lock mechanism that is durable and easily adjusted to accept multiple coin sizes. Coin lock mechanisms can be removed in either the locked or unlocked position with the control key
  • Coin Fee Settings: Locks can be set to accommodate various coin settings. Our most popular option is the US quarter; can be set for up to six quarters. Locks can also accept tokens, golden dollars, dimes, and many international coins
  • Coin Lock Action: After the user inserts the required coin fee into the coin slot, the user shuts the locker doors and turns the key to lock the locker. Once the locker is locked, the user key is removable, and once the key has been removed the required coin fee drops into the cash box. An internal device will not allow the coin fee to fall until the door is locked and the key has been removed. When the user returns and unlocks the locker, the key cannot be removed and is ready for use by the next user
  • Rejected Coins: Over-sized coins cannot be inserted and undersized coins can be rejected
  • Door Construction: 16-gauge zinc coated steel self-closing rubber cushioned doors with rigid twist-proof inner reinforcement channels. All handles and door stops are stainless steel
  • Hinges: Continuous piano hinges welded to doors and riveted to the locker frame
  • All-Welded Body Construction: Heavy-duty 16-gauge zinc coated frames with 22-gauge sides, shelves, tops, and bottoms. 18-gauge backs perforated for ventilation. All-welded into rigid individual columns
  • Lock Cylinders: Lock cylinders are keyed differently with an unlimited number of possible key changes. Able to be removed and replaceable without disassembling the coin lock mechanism
  • Control Keys: Control keys and cash box keys for administrator are keyed alike and able to be duplicated for reorders or as replacements
  • Cash Box: Coin collector box is constructed of double thick metal with reinforcements on all four sides and triple overlapped where sides meet front cover plate. Reinforced cup type cam locker with 12 pin lock system for ultimate security
  • Finish: Premium paint process that provides an attractive and scratch resistant finish using polyurethane, polyester, or a baked-on epoxy powder coating
  • Number Plates: Numbers one & up are included unless otherwise specified

Additional Options
  • Coin Return Free Use Lockers that Refund the Coin Fee upon Return of the Key
  • Token Operated Lockers and Card Operated Lockers
  • Stainless Steel Coin Lockers, Stainless Steel Hasp Lockers, Stainless Steel Key Lockers
  • Stainless Steel Doors Only or Add Stainless Steel Shelves Only
  • Unlimited Custom Sized Lockers
  • Unassembled Lockers for Worldwide Export
  • Lockers with Padlock Feature in Addition to Coin Lock Feature
  • Key Only Operation

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SKU CL-65-1
Locker Compartment Size 12" wide x 12" high
Note *In the interest of safety, highly recommends floor and/or wall anchoring lockers to prevent tipping or injury.
Overall Size 12" or 15" wide x 18" or 24" deep x 60" or 72" high

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