8 Ways Lockers Can Help with Your Spring Cleaning

4371919184_4aa55a6ee2_b“Cleaning Supplies for Spring Cleaning” by Chiot’s RunCC BY-NC 2.0

Spring has sprung! And with spring comes…spring cleaning. Ugh. When it comes to cleaning and organizing, everyone needs all of the help/tips/advice they can get, right? Well, it’s no surprise that we love lockers…but ever thought about how they can help you get your home  in tip-top shape? Check out these eight ways you can use lockers to get the most out of your spring cleaning. 🙂

1. To Keep the Outdoors from Coming Indoors in Your Mudroom

Oh, mudrooms. A blessing–yet sometimes a curse all at the same time. Shoes everywhere. Coats on the floor. Backpacks and sports equipment strewn about. What you really need is a way to organize all of that outdoor gear as soon as it makes its way inside. The solution? LOCKERS. They have everything you need to act as the perfect catchall: shelves for books, hats and notebooks; hooks for backpacks, purses, jackets, sweaters, coats and uniforms; and a spacious bottom area for storing shoes, boots, umbrellas and more. Plus they come in a MILLION colors and styles and look great in just about any space. Win-win situation here, folks.

mudroom-alittletipsyPhoto via A Little Tipsy. Michelle used some of our metal lockers in her Garage Mudroom, but you could certainly use these in an indoor mudroom as well.  


If you’re looking for a fancier, more upscale look, choose our Wood Mudroom Lockers.

toddlersmudlockersOur Kids 8-Person Wooden Coat Lockers with Cubbies would work well in a mudroom or entryway. Perfect storage areas for kids. 

2. For Multi-Functional Garage Storage  

If you’re anything like the rest of us, your garage has a tendency to get preeeeeetty cluttered. That’s where lockers come in. Use one to store all of your sports equipment. Another to organize car parts and accessories. Another to store lawn care tools, materials and supplies. And yet another to store tools, nails, screws and more. We could go on. 😉

garagestorage_bhgPhoto via Better Homes and Gardens

3. To Organize Laundry Rooms (and Keep Your Little Ones or Pets Away from Hazardous Materials)

Don’t forget the laundry room! Especially if you have curious little ones running around who just might get into things they shouldn’t. Lockers are perfect for organizing towels, laundry detergent, fabric softener and stain remover. And even BETTER? You can safely lock up anything hazardous so your kids and pets don’t get into trouble (or endanger themselves).

Laundy LockersOur Kids Storage Locker with Cubbies 

4. To Organize and De-Clutter Your Home Office

Another place lockers come in handy? Home offices. Safely store and organize all of your valuable information, papers, records, office supplies, toner cartridges and computer accessories in one place. And keep your office clutter-free while you’re at it.

homeofficelockersOur Kids Storage Locker with Cubbies 

 5. Outside in the Garden

Believe it or not, lockers aren’t just for inside. Give one a makeover with some waterproof paint and you’ve got yourself a perfect place to store all of your gardening supplies—rakes, fertilizer, gardening tools, pruners, sun hats, watering cans, gardening gloves and more!

gardenlockers_meandalicePhoto via Me and Alice 

 6. To Keep Kid’s Bedrooms or Play Rooms Tidy  

No rooms get messier than kid’s bedrooms or play rooms. Give your kids a locker and they just might be begging you to let them clean their rooms (well, in an ideal world, anyway)! They can hang up their favorite shirts, coats and uniforms on the garment hooks and store toys, games, books, trophies and more on the shelves. And because lockers are magnetic (see, we weren’t lying about how cool they are), your kids can personalize them with magnets or even stickers and photos. Doesn’t get more fun than that.

kidslocker_6thstreetdesignschoolPhoto via 6th Street Design School 

kidslockers_thealisonshowPhoto via The Alison Show

 7. In the Kitchen as Extra Pantry Storage 

Don’t forget to give your pantry a good cleaning in the spring! And if you’re short on pantry space, have no fear—lockers to the rescue! With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space. Add a fun, vintagey vibe to your kitchen and store food, cookbooks, aprons and appliances you don’t use every day (think: popcorn makers, blenders, food processors, etc.) to keep your countertops clutter-free.

pantryPhoto via FurnishBurnish.com

8. As Bookcases or Decorative Shelving in the Living Room 

Are books overtaking your living room? Want a unique way to display your decorative knickknacks? Lockers make great bookcases that can also double as unique, industrial storage for all of your little treasures.

bookloversdayPhoto via Life Made Lovely

 OK, so what are you waiting for?! Go get yourself a locker. 😉 And happy spring cleaning!

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